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Merkel speaks in high terms of digitalization in public transport sector

27.01.17 – Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel visits mobility startup door2door in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany – Federal Chancellor and head of the Christian Democratic Party Dr. Angela Merkel visited the mobility startup door2door, founded by Dr. Tom Kirschbaum and Maxim Nohroudi, on Thursday afternoon. The meeting centered on how to support cities and public transport organizations and companies in utilizing the opportunities offered by technology. The chancellor was particularly interested in the impact of new mobility and the how to leverage the innovative power of established companies by cooperating with startups like door2door. "I strongly believe that public transit will become more efficient and more comfortable by implementing smart technology solutions," said Merkel who was visibly impressed.

door2door is specialized in analyzing urban and regional traffic data to optimize public transport through digital technology and introduce new, flexible forms of transport to the market. "We help cities and transport companies to play a leading role by designing their existing traffic solutions in a smart and intelligent way based on data, and adding new, comfortable and dynamic services to their networks," said Kirschbaum. The company provides its software platform, designed to optimize urban and regional traffic and to allow the integration of new on-demand solutions (Demand Responsive Transportation) to cities and public transport organizations in many European cities. door2door’s goal is to adapt public transport to the actual needs of the population and banish private car traffic from cities altogether. It is crucial that every new offer is embedded in the existing infrastructure of subways, urban railways, trams and buses. By working together, it is possible to achieve sustainable efficiency gains and a reduction in the number of personal vehicles on the streets. "Our vision is a car-free city – and we can make that happen with our smart technology," emphasized Nohroudi.

About door2door

door2door is an award winning Mobilty-as-a-Service company that provides a data-driven software platform to public transport organizations and cities that enables them to introduce on-demand public transport. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Tom Kirschbaum and Maxim Nohroudi, the company is aiming for a car-free city by improving the quality and accessibility of public transport with a smart, data-driven on-demand solution to complement the existing infrastructures in urban and rural areas.

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