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Together we create intelligent solutions to address changing mobility needs. By actively contributing to making urban traffic more sustainable we also make cities more liveable.

allygator shuttle is safe, flexible and most of all smart. The service pools passengers with similar routes while adhering to your individual travel preferences and needs.

we make cities more liveable

On-demand ridesharing - it's flexible and sustainable

The allygator shuttle groups together passengers travelling in similar directions. This way, our vehicles can transport multiple passengers at the same time, running at optimized capacity. Users can easily book rides with the allygator app. The shuttle has no predetermined route; a smart algorithm calculates the ideal route, accounting for all passengers' individual destinations. Passengers arrive quickly, comfortably and free of charge.

easy living in the city

We are committed to modernising mobility, tailoring it to your needs and making it beneficial for your city.

It is our mission to expand current mobility offerings and deliver a mobility service that is demand-based and sustainable. Partnerships enable us to make mobility more intelligent and to contribute to a comfortable and safe mobility future.

We want to expand your transport options and make mobility more flexible.

We are here for you! Our service is designed to address your individual needs as well as the needs of your city.

Analysis of urban mobility tells us when and where the need for a flexbile, on-demand shuttle service is greatest. Our allygator shuttle is your means to get around the city in the most flexible and comfortable way.

creating alternatives for a better future

We want to expand your transport options and make mobility more flexible.

With allygator shuttle we want to close a gap in the mobilty sector. It's our goal to expand the range of mobillity options in urban areas and offer passengers new and flexible alternatives. allygator contributes to reducing traffic in the cities. Our shuttle makes mobility in the city more sustainable, and in turn, the city becomes more liveable!

With allygator and ADAC, you save time and costs. Our service keeps you flexible and safe en route to your destination, while protecting the environment. Get around the city, in a smart and safe way!

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